Scrolling Friends and Comments

February 16, 2007

This code will put top friends section and comments section in a vertical scrollable space, so your profile page won’t get too long by numerous top friends and comments, make profile page looks clean.


  • before:
  • after:


  1. Copy and paste the code into ‘I’d Like to Meet’ section:
  2. <br><br><br><br>
    <DIV style="height:475px; width:470px; overflow:auto; border:none 0px solid;">

  3. Save your editing and preview. Done. =)

46 Responses to “Scrolling Friends and Comments”

  1. Annie Says:

    Thank you for this, I know many people seem to be searching for a way to leave friends unchanged, without scrolling (or having to go through re-adding manually w/links/photos, etc) This actually works quite nicely too though, and thank you for this. I have one question regarding how the general myspace links, year of copyright etc… come up from the very bottom of the page and are now directly beneath the new scroll box. I have seen some people with this information INSIDE the new scroll box, it is at the very end of the friends and comments; would you happen to know how to do that for a neater look? Thank you again for everything, it’s greatly appreciated.

  2. Renee Says:

    for some reason this code wont work on my page would anybody know why

  3. ashley Says:

    this code doesnt work on my page…
    it made my profile skinny

  4. Nathan Says:

    Put it in your who id like to meet box …. read instrucoins might help it worked for me and looks great :P

  5. jade Says:

    doesnt work! just hides my comments all together!

  6. William_tm Says:

    Check this out!

  7. keri Says:

    it didnt work :P

  8. Bartholomew Says:

    Hi all!!! Cool site!!!

  9. Joey Says:

    It worked for me ! :) only site i get codes from now!

  10. Caitlin Says:

    this worked.
    and it kept my profile skinny.

    whoever made this is a legend :)

  11. Brett Says:

    Code doesnt work on my profile it hides my friends list and comments and I put the code in my I’d like to meet section like it said. Anyone know why it isn’t working?

  12. Kelsey Says:

    Thanks for this code.!! I really don’t like it when it shows both your comment and your top friends because it makes your profile REALLY long. But with the scroll box it makes it much shoter.! Thanks again.!

  13. Maggie Says:

    this just hid my comments all together
    and i DID put it in my who id like to meet
    whats up?

  14. Jordon Says:

    thanks, it took me forever 2 find this code, it worked

  15. Carlos Says:

    Finnally, one that actually works, cheers

  16. Dan Says:

    This Puts My Video Into The Scroll Box Too,
    Is There Anyway I Can Get That Out Of There?

  17. gina Says:

    it worked on my page ;]
    cheers !

  18. jezzybean Says:

    okay the reason the code doese not work for some of you if because you have a different style of codeing that doesnt fit this code lol but idk the other code sorry :(

  19. natttt Says:

    :( put my calender in too! and made it all squashed, ahhh!

  20. samatha Says:

    it doesnt work:/

  21. no name Says:

    it worked but i didnt think it would

  22. Anonymous Says:

    doesnt work

  23. Amandaaa. Says:

    This DOES NOTTT work. It just makes a big,white,blank space.

  24. chelsea Says:

    wont work..hides all my frndz n commentz

  25. chelsea Says:

    nvm it worked :D

  26. chelsea Says:

    folkz dont put code on vry bottom of ur ‘who id like to meet’ just at top or above a code u think isnt important. :D

  27. Megs. Says:

    aghhh it doesn’t work. seriously like nothing works.

  28. Amanda Says:

    It didn’t work at all.
    It made this huge red block around my top and had no scroll box. And I put it in my who I’d like too meet section, it’s the only thing in there.

  29. sophie Says:

    om it actually worked,
    put it at the very top of the ‘who id like to meet’ section and dont leave any extra lines between this and the other codes that are already in the box,,

    worked for me :)

  30. cwxwwwxdfvwwxwx Says:

    well, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch ;)

  31. princess Says:

    this shyt dont wrk =(

  32. megan Says:

    it dont work for me
    i have other codes hiding other stuff and it dont work!

  33. MureupdareHes Says:

    czfvyfbykdxhkxsgwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch ;)

  34. Ashley Says:

    it worked but it messed up my pictures on my page..

  35. destiny Says:

    it didnt work

  36. richard Says:

    thiz didnt work…nun happened

  37. Anonymous Says:

    it works!!! :D

  38. D: Says:

    It don’t work D:
    It just hided my friends =\

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  40. Kelvin17 Says:

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  41. jdfdsljflksdjflkjdklfjdsklfjd

  42. micahdlkfjaskdlfj Says:

    it didnt fcking work this stupid shit
    i have a 1.0 && it just left a big black blank on the part where my friends are…. idk wat to do daaammmiiittt!!

  43. unnamed Says:

    wow! super!

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