Hide URL in URL box

February 16, 2007

This code will hide your url in url box, but still remain the border, looks a bit of ugly, anyway, maybe someone needs it.


  • before:
  • after:


  1. Copy and paste the code into ‘About Me’
  2. <style type="text/css">
    table table table table div {visibility:hidden;}

  3. Save your editing and preview. Done. =)

38 Responses to “Hide URL in URL box”

  1. elevated Says:

    what if i just want to change the text color? how do i do that?

  2. sd Says:

    is it possible to hide the border aswell??

  3. Lucy Says:

    It got rid of all the rest of the text on myspace!

    How do I just get rid of the URL?

  4. me Says:

    how do you get rid of the border, too? and can get rid of the url box without leaving empty space?

  5. me Says:

    how do you get rid of the border, too? and can i get rid of the url box without leaving empty space?

  6. Jeff Says:

    You all ROCK! I can’t say enought about this site, and my profile parameters, and it worked AGAIN!!!

    Thanks so much!

  7. Umm Says:

    how do u remove the White Box, or change it a different colour?

  8. jessica Says:

    i REALY need to hide
    the url,
    AND the border thats left over
    after hiding it.
    will you get me the code!!PLEASE!!
    i’ve look EVERY WHERE, & still havent
    found it

  9. messmind Says:

    i need to get rid the of the white box!!! or change its color or somethingg. D:

  10. messmind Says:

    i found it! put this anyhwere in your layout code.

    table.userProfileURL {display:none;}

    all of these also work

    table.contactTable {display:none;}
    table.friendscomments {display:none;}
    table.userProfileDetail {display:none;}
    table.extendednetwork {display:none;}
    table.latestblogentry {display:none;}
    table.friendspace {display:none;}
    table.intrestsanddetails {display:none;}

    [you can make them show up by puttin “inline” instead of none]

    but ive always had that, and ive got this stupid white box on my page, and idk what its from. :/


  11. they say where to young,to get are self’s sprun. Zaid Bethanie.

  12. allison Says:

    hey messmind, you might want to say you have to put
    because some ppl wont know that…
    just telling you

  13. allison Says:

    sorry it blocked it
    i meant the little arrow thing then “style” and close arrow
    and the same at the end but with the backslash at the end

  14. allison Says:

    ok that made no sense.
    nevermind. lol

  15. they’ll have you suicidal,suicida. Andreas Tennyson.

  16. madcow321 Says:

    people i think this is what alison meant it made sence to me
    just copy this to hide the URL

    table.userProfileURL {display:none;}

  17. madcow321 Says:

    put these around it

  18. madcow321 Says:

    damm it dosen’t display the style thinggy

    table.userProfileURL {display:none;}

  19. yese Says:

    it doesnt wanna work

  20. Anonymous Says:

    undeed to put this before the code


    and to close the code you need


    but change the ( ) to

  21. Anonymous Says:

    shift and comma
    and shift and fullstop.

  22. eze Says:

    thank you thank you thank you :D

  23. Hey Its look not Ugly its Cool but table left on Page


    have a look

  24. Anonymous Says:

    How do I hide my music player with no gap as well?

  25. Sammii Says:

    Hey Thankz =]

  26. vanessa Says:


  27. kendra Says:

    thank you guys so much! it worked!

  28. coley Says:

    for some reason, my url box isnt showing on my page.
    is there code that will allow my myspace url to show?

  29. lolzoids Says:

    how do i get rid of the border aswell ??

  30. bella Says:


  31. NNdrovec Says:

    Я тоже хочу что-нибудь умное сказать!

  32. Makakas Says:

    это рекламный пост или просто помощь знакомым?

  33. MaRarts Says:

    Alaev, никому не пригодится, нет толка от каталога Апорта.

  34. Mrdoct Says:

    Дизайн понравился, и функционал на удивление оригинален, пользуюсь уже )

  35. Rolodas Says:

    Как забавно, среди хипстер молодежи строить из себя гея перестало быть модно уже года два как, а вы только начинаете:)

  36. Rikitik Says:

    Даже и не знаю…Вроде все толково, но, я думаю, все хорошо, как всегда, только не бумаге.

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